Patients from all age groups can be prescribed with Compounded Medication by their physician.

  • Pediatrics

It can be tough for parents or pediatricians to compel a child to take medications that are bitter or smell weird. For the youngest patient group, we offer compounding solutions that will turn icky medicines to yummy syrups and drops. By changing the form, medications can become more appealing for children by adding flavors to reduce the unpleasant taste of most medications.

  • Dermatology

Our pharmacists at Suburban Pharmacy will see to it that customers get quality compounded medication for dermatological purposes. In the arena of skin care, there is a lot at stake. Most of the time, compounding is recommended for patients who have extremely sensitive skin which rules out the use of commercially sold dermatology products. With compounding, skin care products such as creams, lotions and other topical formulations can be altered to only contain ingredients that are essential to treat the patient’s condition. If you often have unpleasant reactions with most dermatology products in the market, ask your physician about your compounding options.

  • Flavor Rx

Most medications sold off-the-shelf already come in flavors that appeal to most patients in their target market. However, when you experience flavor or smell aversions from OTC drugs, this sets you apart from mainstream patients. You need to find other remedies and you can turn to compounding for custom flavored medications. Our pharmacists can add a flavor of your choosing: orange, apple, bubblegum and other flavor bases.

  • Pain Management

The goal of pain management compounding is to increase the patient’s compliance with pain therapy by providing many specialized dosage forms. Pain Management compounding reduces the stress of administration and maximizes the potential for therapeutic success. Here are some of the compounded forms of pain management medications: gels, creams, transdermal gels, ointments, iontophoresis solutions, topical sprays and many others.

  • Podiatrist

By way of custom-made medications, patients can more accurately comply with their medication therapy plan for podiatric conditions. We offer our compounding services to patients with podiatry and musculoskeletal health issues. We also offer advanced compounding services for healthcare practitioners who require a specific form of medication to make the administration process more efficient and less stressful.